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Where FragMAXapp is currently available?

Currently at MAX IV Laboratory and HZB BESSY II.

MAX IV Laboratory


What if I don’t have/don’t want to disclose SMILES for my library, can I still use FragMAXapp?

Answer: You can still run all methods that does not directly rely on CIF. This excludes RhoFIT, LigandFit and Pipedream. 
PanDDA does not rely on ligand information to perform its analyses, thus it is still possible to analyse the data.

I want to use FragMAXapp for my regular project at the Beamline. What should I do?

Answer: As long as you follow FragMAXapp naming convetion when collecting your data, you can open 
the webapplication and perform your analyses.  

What if I want to use a method but it is not available on FragMAXapp?

Answer: If you have an use case and it is interesting also for other users and projects, please contact 
the developers and discuss the possibilities.
We are always interested in adding functions that can improve data analysis.  

Is the software free?

Answer: FragMAXapp is and always will be free for academic users. Industrial use of the 
application REQUIRES an active licence. 

If you want to use in for commercial purpose, please contact the developers or 
MAX IV Industrial Liason Office to arrange a licence.   

How to cite FragMAXapp use?

Answer: Our publication is:
FragMAXapp: crystallographic fragment-screening data-analysis and project-management system